As more entrepreneurs move to the cloud, and work from a variety of locations, the traditional office is becoming a thing of the past. There are times when you’ll need a base of some sort, but apart from receiving post, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to commit your micro-business to having a physical office if you’d rather not foot the bill.

A Virtual office is essentially mailbox addresses: you can have the same features as a PO box, but with a more prestigious address. Additionally, if you choose to rent a virtual address from The Colony, you can use it as your registered business address. (You can’t do that with a straightforward Royal Mail PO box).

So what other features should you look for in a virtual office provider?

Mail Forwarding

Although we encourage you to visit us as often as you can, we recognise that it’s sometimes more convenient to receive your mail at your own home. So you can choose from a range of mail forwarding options.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer, we can hold your mail at The Colony and you can pick it up when you pop in to see us.

Call Answering

Can’t get to the phone? No problem. In addition to your virtual address, you can get full phone answering services from us, as though you had a receptionist in a real physical office.

It’ll ensure you never miss another call while ensuring that you don’t need to give out your personal mobile number to clients if you’d rather not.

Meeting Room Hire

You could opt to meet clients at a local coffee shop for informal chats. But there are times when you need a dedicated and well-equipped meeting space where you can gather to discuss things in detail. The Colony has several dedicated rooms, with all of the facilities you need: high-speed, reliable WiFi; coffee and tea; and ample seating.

If you have a virtual address with us, we will give you preferential rates on our meeting rooms. You can even hire a full boardroom when you need to make a great impression.

Flexible Terms

We understand that you don’t want to commit to a long-term contract; the big advantage of working remotely as an entrepreneur is that you’re free to adapt and change as your business grows. So when you have a virtual office with us, we won’t force you to agree to take our service forever.

We have a clear contract that won’t trap you into spending money you don’t want to spend, and you only pay for the components that you want. If your requirements change, you can also scale up your virtual office services at any time.

Making a Good Impression with a Virtual Office

The prestigious and professional surroundings at The Colony will give your business the foundation it needs to grow, impressing clients and providing vital services, but without the high cost of a fixed office.

For more information, contact The Colony Group now on 01625 254 000. A member of our team will be happy to book you in for a chat and a tour.